A unique technology for condensing/low temperature boiler, buffer store and freshly prepared hot water in drinking water quality

CC 3 in1 unit heating system

Schnitt Solar-Brennwert-PufferkesselThe key part of this technology is the water heating in flow principle by use of heat exchangers made out of tinned copper pipes or stainless steel pipes. In doing so,
the water is heated in the boiler frame via different energy sources like oil, gas, solar heat, heat pumps, etc. The stored energy will be transferred to the place of consumption via the heat exchangers. Therefore the buffer storage tanks from Capito have the distinction of producing exclusive hot water in drinking water quality. This water for domestic use is devoid of pathogen (legionella) like your daily drinking water. This is scientifically proven.

Capito-CC energy storing technology is characterised by:

  • Energy depot storage (buffer) with a capacity of 270 - 3000 litres, whereby the energy - in particular from alternative energy sources - can be stored in the optimal way.
  • With this spectrum of capacity small and largest places of consumption can be supplied in the optimal way.
  • The burner's start-stop-cycles are much reduced.
  • Your advantage: less pollutant emission and a reduction of service costs.
  • Boiler with 10 – 50 Kw nominal output with quiet burners up to date and optimal running time of burners.
  • Novel construction of calorific value combustion chamber / compact and effective through the use of Laserfin® pipes and swirl technology.
  • Connection with all alternative energy sources and expandability, because of the possibility to incorporate additional heat exchangers.

High efficiency solar heat transfer technology

Schnitt Schichtung-PufferspeicherThe patented and innovative heat transfer technology from Capito transfers the solar energy generated in the roof collector via the solar heat exchanger into the Capito buffer storage. Already after a short time of solar radiation the energy is available in the upper part of the storage to heat up fresh domestic water. The excess solar energy heats up the buffer storage in the middle part top down and there it can be extracted, for example to heat the radiators at home. Through the infrared photographs made in laboratory, which shows a Capito buffer storage in the phases of stratification, heating and hot water extracting, the mode of operation becomes more clear. The stratification process in the store works exclusively by the principle of gravity that means without application of pumps. So it is completely maintenance-free

The advantages of the revolutionary heat transfer technology from Capito:

  • Already after a short solar radiation heated water for domestic use can be tapped, although the buffer storage is still cold for the most part.
  • The support of an oil- or gas burner by the heating of domestic water is minimized. Thereby the energy costs and polluting emissions are reduced, too.
  • After a high domestic water extraction hot water is available again after a short time, because the stratification always starts in the upper region where the domestic water heat exchangers are placed.
  • The heat transfer through the principle of gravity top down allows the best use of the regenerative energies, especially because the excess energy can be used for heating, too.
  • Compared to the conventional stratification with plate heat exchangers, circulation pumps and controls, the costs are considerably lower.
  • Through the abdication of electronic or mechanical parts the Capito
    heat transfer technology is completely maintenance-free


What about solar heat transfer by low flow temperature generated by the solar collector?

TroepfchenmodellThe stratification also works by low temperatures generated by the solar collector, because the high efficiency solar heat transfer technology uses the density difference between cold and hot parts in the buffer storage. The liquid drop model presents the schema of this physical principle.