Systems comparison

The Capito technology

Plus quite often a little cheaper than the Multi Storage boilers Plus fresh hot water heating – no boiler with stagnant water (safe from Legionella)
Plus lower weight (easier to transport Plus hot water doesn’t have to be heated unnecessary high (energy saving)
Minus hot water boiler with stagnant water (risk of Legionella) Remedy: constant heating of the hot water at temperatures around 60°C (waste of energy!) Plus longer durability and less harmful substances through a longer running time of the burners (less starts and stops through energy storing technology)
Minus high number of the boilers’ starts and stops through a low buffer water content (high energy costs, more harmful substances) Plus

optimal integration of alternative energies(solar technology, wood boiler, heat recovery)

Minus alternative energies (solar technology, wood boiler, heat pump, heat recovery) are only suitable for connection by the use of external storages Plus when installing a solar collector solar energy can be used for hot domestic water and heating
Minus worse heat insulation than the Multi Storage technology Plus integration of a summer line for towel radiators is possible at any time
Minus high residual heat loss during shutdown periods in summer (two separated systems) Plus prepared for prospective energies, change from gas to oil is possible at all times
Minus integration of a summer line for towel radiators isn’t possible Plus lower wattage, because circulation pumps aren’t necessary
Minus change between oil and gas isn’t always possible (dependent on the model) Minus sometimes higher investment costs
Minus more pump current consumption through circulation pumps Minus different way of installation


Die CAPITO-Technik